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HomeExchange is a hassle-free and simple way for retirees to move into their retirement lifestyle. HomeExchange buys your existing home and coordinates each step of the move.

The move to a retirement home is a lifestyle choice and an exciting new beginning. This transition comes with the responsibility of buying a villa, selling your existing home and moving.

Selling a property and moving can be costly and emotional. HomeExchange can releive you of this burden by assisting with the entire process with the help of a dedicated co-ordinator to take care of all your requirements.

The benefits of HomeExchange are:


An easy, hassle free way to move into your retirement lifestyle.


The selling price and moving date are agreed upfront. There are no real estate agent fees, no marketing and no removalist costs or other surprises. No bridging finance or failed settlements.


No open house inspections and no real estate agent pressure. A friendly HomeExchange representative will arrange a premium relocation service including removalist, packing and unpacking, storage and sale of items.


The sale of your home and the purchase of your new villa will be coordinated based on the move date nominated by you. HomeExchange can provide access to your new villa prior to moving out of your home to maximise your comfort.


HomeExchange will endeavour to pay the highest price possible for your property. The purchase price is based on market value less a discount representing cost savings, relocation services and the risk transferred to HomeExchange.

Profit Share  

You receive a profit share of the value added to your home from renovation (terms & conditions apply). The renovation takes place after you move out so there is no interruption to your lifestyle. HomeExchange pays for the renovation and there is no cost to you.