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Our Clients

HomeExchange has built an impeccable reputation by caring and servicing our clients beyond their expectations. Selling your home can be an emotional time especially if you have lived there for many years. The bond we form with our clients is unique and makes us the leading relocation company in Australia.

Our clients are happy to talk to you about their experience with HomeExchange. Let us know if you would like us to arrange this for you. Here is what some of our clients have said about HomeExchange:

"I thought the whole process was much more relaxed and less stressful than the normal course of selling.
The thought of not having to go through the selling process was what attracted me to HomeExchange.

HomeExchange took care of everything, everything was explained clearly, they were definitely responsive to my relocation requirements the entire time, before, during and after the move.

For me it was good value. It depends on how much you value less stress.

Very happy with the service thank you.
Glengara Resident 
September 2011
"The thing we liked most bout using HomeExchange was the constant support from Jon. He was always available for queries for queries, guidance and a kind word of support when we needed it.

By using HomeExchange it took the pressure off selling our home. The lady team who unpacked and set up our villa were superb.

All services provided were excellent.

Everything was explained to us very clearly and patiently.

HomeExchange was good value. Without it we would not have been able to relocate to Tarragal Glen.

We were given full support throughout the whole operation. We requested additional services which were given generously and kindly. We were treated like part of the family.

We have recommended HomeExchange to several friends.
Tarragal Glen Resident
May 2011
"The best thing about using HomeExchange was having the ability to nominate a settlement date to reach our destination.

It was good not having to deal with all questions of how? Who? or When? and the aspects involved to sell a house.

HomeExchange is good value for the service it provides.

Having the HomeExchange team in charge made a big difference. It was good to have nice people, ready to help us move to our new home.

We were really satisfied with the service provided, they were attentive an happy to help, very professional.
Tarragal Glen Resident
May 2011
"The lack of pressure and stress involved in selling, buying & moving was what I liked best about using HomeExchange. 

I appointed HomeExchange because i wanted all my needs taken care of.

I was happy with the service, everything was explained, and they were very responsive before, during and after the move.

I have recommended HomeExchange to my friends.
Tarragal Glen Resident
February 2011
"The thing l liked best about HomeExchange was the convenience and less stress for mum.
Speed and efficiency of exchange, and unison of settlements.

We used HomeExchange so we wouldn't have to sell our home in the traditional way, no open house inspections, guaranteed time frame and funds plus the added benefit of the $1,500 Voucher to cover out of pocket expenses.
Tarragal Glen Resident
December 2010

"We liked using HomeExchange because of the freedom from hassle and worry about the sale, purchase and move, and the services provided.

The main reason we used HomeExchange was to avoid problems with the sale and purchase that often occur. HomeExchange reduces what is normally a very stressful process of selling up and moving to a retirement village, to something that is almost completely free from worry and stress.

Everything was made clear and easy for us to understand. HomeExchange was very responsive to our needs. The service covered everything from selling your house, getting ready to move, sorting your furniture and belongings into what to take or leave after the move, and any follow up or rearrangement of furniture after the move.

HomeExchange supplied skip bins for rubbish, helped collect the rubbish, organised and ran a garage sale, and even assembled and installed our new TV stand.

HomeExchange is excellent value a Rolls Royce service."

Tarragal Glen Resident
April 2010

"The best aspects of HomeExchange is no open house inspections and we had no worries. We didn't even have to think about getting rid of the rubbish. We appointed HomeExchange because we could nominate our move date and move as quickly as we wanted into the retirement village.

Jon explained everthing clearly to us upfront so we felt in control throughout the process.

HomeExchange is good value for the service they provide, we even had time to sit in the sun while other people did all the work.

HomeExchange listened to what we wanted and helped us each step of the way before and after the move, even months later. Jon came to our new house the night we moved in, that was lovely."


Glengara Resident
July 2010


"Overall what we liked best about using HomeExchange was that it was reasonably stress-free. We were attracted to using HomeExchange as it was a worry free process.

All our requirements were covered, HomeExchange was responsive to our needs and everything was clearly explained to us. Under the circumstances HomeExchange is good value for the service provided"


Glengara Resident
March 2010


"I liked the fact that I didnít have to continually prepare for possible buyers to inspect my home and I also liked having a fixed price offered for my house at the start.

I was attracted to the HomeExchange knowing that the move could be made by a date to suit me as against waiting weeks or possibly months for my home to be sold.

Considering the time saved and convenience HomeExchange is good value for money. They were very helpful throughout the process especially during and after the move."

Glengara Resident
February 2010